Fit Over 50 Adventure Travel

Get in Shape With Fit Over 50 and Explore Only Before Dreamed of Corners of the Globe with Volant Travel.

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go  Places you now only see on tv

A very unique way to get in shape!  We build you a fitness plan that gets you ready to go experience for yourself trips of your lifetime.

Nearly all of us think there are things to do and places to explore if we were just in a little better physical shape.  We believe all we can do is be a passive tourist to the world and watch the real adventure on TV.  To that, we at Fit Over 50 Adventure Travel say BUNK!   Many of us started in a recliner and are now exploring unbelievable exotic destinations with like-minded friends and doing activities that astound our friends and family.  Get back to the CAN DO in your life with our help no matter what condition you are in today.  We provide a training plan and monitor you all the way to your destination adventure.   

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